Sample computer-based tasks from World Class Tests

This is a selection of computer-based assesment tasks from the "Problem Solving in Mathematics, Science and Technology" strand of the World Class Arena project. These are provided to accompany the paper by Hugh Burkhardt and Daniel Pead in the book Whither Assessment (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority 2003, UK).


Age 9 - a simple tree classification task with a closed response format that is easily marked by computer.


Age 13 - an investagative microworld for the student to explore.


Students draw inferences and make recommendations based on a substantial set of data.

Speed Limit

Students watch an animation and sketch a speed/time graph opn paper. An earlier version which provided a 'jigsaw' graph to assemble on-screen proved far too easy.


Simulated science experiments test students' scuientific thinking skills without assuming extensive curriculum knowledge.

Make 100

Another microworld to explore - in this case, purely mathematical.


Students explore various graphical representations of a data set in order to support or refute a series of hypotheses.

To try the tasks you will need Flash Player 6 (or later) installed - if you do not already have this it can be downloaded for free from

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